Planning your Loved One’s Funeral

None of us want to find ourselves in the position of planning the funeral of a loved one. It can be one of the toughest things we have to do in our life time. It is so important that we get it right, not least because it is the last thing we can do for that person who we dearly loved and whose life we have shared.

Remembering their favourite music, deciding which pieces to use. Choosing readings, poems, words to say that reflect their life is never easy.

As Independent Celebrants we can help guide you through this difficult and emotional process. Together we can develop a Civil Funeral that truly reflects the life of the person you have lost.

A Civil Funeral can be a mix of secular or religious readings and music, it can include prayers, and moments of silent reflection too. Family members or friends may wish to take part in the ceremony, sharing a reading or perhaps some personal stories. Funerals are of course sad occasions, a time to say our goodbyes, but may also be a celebration of a life and all of its achievements. For more information, including price bands please contact us here

“Thank you so much for the beautiful service you gave for Mum and Dad – it was perfect. Everyone I have spoken to has said the same thing – how uplifting it was, not sad or depressing. We all shared our particular memories at the Life Celebration and it was lovely”

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Penny Thompson

Remembering just how hard it was to plan her own husband’s funeral a few years ago is what led Penny to the role of Independent Celebrant, supporting others in the planning and delivery of the funerals of their loved ones.   A natural progression from her work over the previous ten years in the role of Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. As a Registrar, Penny was often the first official person a family saw following a death.  Never an easy task, families would frequently tell her that she had made a very scary prospect much easier than anticipated.

Penny works closely with our clients in the planning of their loved ones funeral.  Writing and delivering personalised ceremonies that truly represent the persons life in a friendly and professional way.

You can read more about Penny and her role as Independent Celebrant here